Here she comes again...
Monday, October 24, 2005
Hurricane Wilma
Wilma came out of the Gulf from the west, crossed Florida, and passed directly over Jupiter.
She moved fast. A cat 2 - winds 110 MPH here - she was supposed to be a cat 1 when she got to us.
She was huge - 200 miles across. 30-40 mile eye.

Wilma hit later, moved faster, and was stronger than predicted. But not by much.
We had been in NY for a wedding,
but had to come home early to prepare.

We finished our hurricane prep Sunday.
Wilma finally arrived on Monday.

We lost power about 9:30 am when the winds started to pick up.

The eye passed over us starting about 11 am and ended about noon.

The wind quickly died down and it was just slightly breezy and misty when the eye came.
(check out the picture at the end - you can see the eye is not clear)

We all went outside to see what had happened so far...
Ted started dragging the biggest branches out of the road.
David, Russ, Hadley and Tank were glad to be out of the house for a few minutes.

Buddy had been out a lot, pre-clearing debris.
The other half of Ted & Juanita's tree came down in the first part of the storm.

See how it was blown down
away from the house.

(more on this tree later)
Mark & Janet lost the screen over their pool. It, too, was blown away from the house.

The wind was coming from the east and blowing towards the west on the leading edge of the storm.

After the eye passes, the wind will blow from the opposite direction.
There was debris on the roads and yards, but not TOO bad at the half way point.

By 3 pm it was all over. A lot more debris had fallen after the western side of the hurricane hit.
David got his tree clean and safe first thing.

He was really high up in that tree!
Ted's tree has now been blown back into the screen inclosure.

The wind was blowing west-to-east after the eye passed over us...

Also, this time the screen door was completely blown away.
Remember how the tree was blown away from the screen in the east-to-west leading side of Wilma?

This and the photo above show the 2 opposite directions of wind we got this time.
In our back yard one of the 30" coconut palms is now listing.

Thank goodness it didn't fall on the lion!
We lost several screens, and you can see the leaning coco palm here, too.

Hope we can save it!

This time we had a small generator. As soon as the storm was over, Buddy set it up and we kept the refridgerator cold.

We could have also run a fan, but it was so cool and pleasant after Wilma that we really didn't need it.

We watched a little TV, but since gas was not available, we conserved on the gas and didn't run too much stuff.

But it was GREAT to have cold drinks, ice, and not lose all our food after a day or two.
We have a nice, full lake, but no flooding at all. We only got a few inches of rain since she moved through in just about 5 hours really.
Remember Ted's Tree?

Well, Ted has cleared most of it himself!

This picture was taken 10 days after the storm.

Ted is amazing! U.S. Champion Softball King and one-man tree demolition crew!
October 24
November 3
The 3 homes came through another one!

We got power back midnight Wednesday - almost 3 days out

We are all truly blessed.
Battistone Home
Arent Home
Zisson Home
The Post had the right headline for this one!

3 months later, January 11, 2006, the men from Rood come to fix the tree.
They dig out at the back of the tree and then hook her up. As the tree is pulled back, the dirt does not move, so it's more digging...
Lots of digging later, it's time for another try.
After the tree is straightened, look how different the angle is to the picture directly above.
Final digging and the tree begings to move, and... the tree finally is straignt!
The Men Who Saved the Tree! - the first time...

2 days later we got 50 mph winds from the NW, and without a brace on the SE side, the tree went over again!
Brace on NW pulled out of the hole as far as the paint.
We finally tied the Coco to the sturdier, shorter palm, and it stopped bending, but the wind was about over by then...

So they have to come back and do it again...
This time they put the braces all around, and they are longer and more secure. They also drove steaks into the ground for the braces to rest against so they will not dig themselves deeper.
The Men Who Saved the Tree! - the second time.

a short history of the tree angles
after Wilma
after fix #1
after 50 mph winds
after fix #2
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