After a 35 mph wind gusts last night the tree supports are not working correctly. 2 days ago it was straigntened and supported.

The tree was leaning in the direction of the green arrow. The crew dug and pulled the tree upright.

While the brace closest to the direction the tree was pulled is 8 feet from the base, the other 2 braces are 34 inches and 53 inches from the base.

There is plenty of room for longer braces, and there is room to put the braces at better angles to support the tree. As the 3 braces were placed, there is very little support against the direction that the tree was leaning.

As you can tell from the previous email I sent with the pictures and website, I was very pleased that the tree was finally straight, and the men were very nice and polite. However, even at the time I wondered at the angles chosen, and the length of 2 of the braces that had room to be longer, but I figured that they knew best and it would hold.

I really feel uncomfortable about how much it has moved in the 2 days, and do not feel that it is as stable as it should be. The poles move as the tree moves.

Please come take a look ASAP. Perhaps simply lengthning and repositioning the braces will do the trick. The actual root ball still looks straight and fine, it's just the braces that are not secure.

Thank you very much for all your efforts.

Caren Zisson
6013 Winding Lake Dr.

The long brace has been pulled up from the ground about a foot.